24 January 2010

You need a friendly hand, and I need action

Oh, I am so back in the game.

Upcoming posts:

  • The hot ex-military man in Jersey
  • The small dick, huge load in Maine
  • The huge dick, bigger load in New Hampshire
  • And a couple of dicks, just the right size, in DC. At the same time.
These all happened a few months ago, but today I tasted hard dick for the first time in months to scratch a really, really bad itch, but the itch is just getting worse. I'm almost scared of becoming a reckless cumpig, but when the load is as sweet as it was today, its totally worth it.

05 January 2009

The Update, the Excuse, and the Apology

So.... I am alive. Still. And... well, let's just do this one step at a time.

The Update

I am physically okay, mentally fine and emotionally dead. The mono took much more of a toll on me than I thought it could, and I now find myself without sickness, but without much else either. I haven't hooked up with anyone (on a sexual OR friend level) in a month because... well, that's brings us to 

The Excuse

Most people who have very serious cases of mono lose their appetite and consequently lose a lot, almost a dangerous amount of weight. I did not. In fact, I gained weight. Almost 20 pounds in a month. Consequently, I have a very poor self-image right now. On top of that, the exhaustion really killed my libido and I just haven't had the energy or willpower to do pretty much anything useful aside from going to work, doing my job (still excellently, I might add- I guess all that sexual energy needed to go somewhere!) and cleaning (and re-cleaning) the house. So in true form to this blog, right now I'm very much feeling Not Very Sexy.

The Apology

Sorry for not updating with what was going on, but as you can imagine, anything related to sex and how fun it was for a while there got me a little more depressed so I shunned this blog like it was my job. But I am feeling better for myself now, I have joined a gym and pretty soon I will be back to my old self, physically and -- more importantly -- emotionally.

But enough about me. If you read this, I'm asking you to please regale me with the details of your last sexploit.  

Oh, and Maxx, my excuse was being sick. What's yours? I, and others, are waiting for your next update with bated breath! Not to mention raging hard-ons.

As a closing note, I'm willing to bet that anyone reading this blog (which I'm assuming is still in low numbers... I have much work to do!) already knows of a very, very hot blog from a Torontonian over at BONED n' STONED. Very hot indeed. I urge you all to check it out!

Hope you all had excellent holidays, and here's to a rip-roaring new year.


25 November 2008

The Excuse

Still alive... albeit barely. 

Last week I came down with mono. Pretty bad apparently. I was in the hospital for a couple of days and just got back a few hours ago. It's pretty much the first time I've been able to sit up without wanting to vomit. Score one for Rob!

Anyways, once I get over this, I'll definitely be posting more. I lost a few pounds in the hospital, so I'm lookin' better than ever! A little illness joke, folks.

Till then, have the fun!

14 November 2008

The Pseudo-Fantasy

Last night, I blew a straight guy. It was hot.

I met him on Craigslist and we met behind a train station. He got out of his car, looked at me and said "Oh. I thought you were a girl."

We joked a bit, and I asked him if he wanted to go through with it. He hesitated, said that he really wanted to get off, and I told him that if he wanted to, I was totally game. He was very cute, kinda dopey, but hot. He said sure and we got into my van.

He sat there with this weird grin on his face. I asked him if he ever got head from a guy before. He said no. I told him if he was uncomfortable to tell me and we'd stop.

He had a really nice cock... very smooth, uncut, good sized, and he was nicely trimmed. He was hard right from the get go, but I think there was some kind of hesitation because he started to get soft. I changed strategies and started jerking him a little, tonguing his slit and he got hard again fast.

Now, I was kneeling there, in the back of my van, sucking a straight guy's dick. It didn't really hit me until after we were done, but it was unbelievably hot. I mean, I've blown married guys before, and "curious" guys, but this was a guy who thought he was meeting up with a girl, saw a guy, but let me blow him anyways. I was hard driving all the way home.

The unfortunate part is that he barely lasted ten minutes. Probably closer to five. He tasted really, really good though. He asked how he was and I told him he was great. I asked him if he liked it and said that it was similar to getting blown by a girl, but he liked when he could feel my beard on his cock. He said that he hadn't gotten any in a few days, trying to explain how trigger-happy he was. I didn't mind, really. The location was a little sketchy, so I was kind of happy to get out of there. I sent him an email when I got home asking if we could meet again. I have yet to hear anything back, but I jerked off like mad last night and it felt so. fucking. good. 

God, I love Craigslist.

13 November 2008

On the Blog, Craigslist, and Snowballing

Not Very Sexy... not the best title for a blog about sex, right? Well, that's cause this isn't meant to be one of those hot porno blogs where you get every intimate detail about my sex life. 

Well, maybe a little. And there are plenty of those out there. Like My Life As A Pup (so fucking hot!).

Basically what I wanted to do it write about my experiences with sex. Not that I have any particular vast wealth of knowledge here.

Let's talk about me. I'm 23 years old, and I live in New England. Nice, gay-friendly for the most part, and has four distinct seasons. I love it here! Oh, and though I go by Rob on this blog, I don't go by that name anywhere else, except on a certain website about to be mentioned below.

I'm also gay, which will have a rather sizable impact on the content of this blog (read: man-on-man lovin'. Hot, right? YES.) so be forewarned.

I've never had a serious relationship. The closest I came to that was about five years ago during my first year at college. He went to school in New York, I went to school in Southern Ontario. Not the most ideal situation, but he had a car and a nice cock, so I kept him around for a while.

Over the past couple of months, I have discovered (and utilized) Craigslist to hook up with total random strangers. This is somewhat out of character for me, as I have a very, very hard time approaching guys. I don't know why (yes I do, I'm a pussy) but that's the way it is.

I just recently moved back to New England from Southern Ontario, where I hooked up with three different randoms on Craigslist.

First, there was the youth minister. Let's call him Kevin. He was 30, and loved getting head. So I gave him head. We would meet in his office (seriously... I can not make this up) which overlooked the pulpit of his church. I would suck him off (he never lasted that long) and then we'd go our separate ways. He was married and had a kid (when I found this out I stopped answering his e-mails... I may be easy, but I'm no homewrecker!) and told me that I gave head better than his wife. No surprise there (sorry, ladies) as most bi/bi-curious/straight-but-I'll-let-a-dude-suck-my-dick guys will attest that men give better blowjobs. It's a fact of life. We know what works on us, and as penises (or penii, although the former is technically correct) are not exactly the most complicated of organs, what works for one will generally work for all. We met three time and I blew him three times. Then we called it off.

Second was a businessman who was passing through town for the night and wanted a little action. I met him at his hotel room. I blew him for a while, rimmed him a little bit and fingered his hole a little but he wasn't having any of it. After about 25 minutes of sucking (I looked up lockjaw on Wikipedia when I got home.... ow.) he said sorry, but he just wasn't into it. I asked him if he wanted to fuck me, he said sure, and we fucked for about a half hour. He was actually quite good... his dick was a good fit for me. He came (in a condom, thank you very much) said thanks and off I went to my friend's birthday party. Man, what a weird feeling that was. I finally had to pull someone aside and tell them that not an hour earlier I was getting a nice hard fucking from a complete stranger. I think this is where my addiction to cock started.

Third was... quite a trip. He was older, about 45, and handsome enough. He took me to lunch one day and we chatted, after which he told me he wanted to take me to his house and do very dirty things to me, but we both had to be places. A week later, there I was. In his house, naked, sucking his dick and getting fucked by some kind of sex toy that did wonders. We stopped for a bit, had dinner, and he wanted to have a fashion show. With underwear. I played along, but knew this would be the last time we saw each other. I'm not really into that kind of kink, and he was getting really into it. We fucked until about 4 or 5 in the morning (first time doing poppers... holy shit that stuff is amazing...), I woke up around 9 and he drove me straight to work. We haven't seen each other since.

Since being back in New England, I've hooked up with one guy twice, and I'm hoping to meet up with another tonight (I will call him Jacques!). The first guy, we'll call him Bryce, has a nice dick (largely disproportionate head... which I kinda like) and loves snowballing. 

Now, when I watch porn, I really get off on the cum shots. And while I would never try it myself (unless I was in a truly monogamous, committed relationship), Treasure Island Media's barebacking videos (Dawson's __ Load Weekend, Like Honey, Animals, Breeding Mike O'Neil, etc) are so. fucking. hot. Come to think of it, I now think that TIM is exclusively barebacking... huh. 

Anyways, so there I was, blowing him and loving it (side note: I love giving head. I just fucking love it. I love feeling like I'm in control, and I love hearing the moans, and I love it when guys run their hands through my hair... it's great!) and he shoots in my mouth and manages to grunt "don't spit, don't swallow" so I don't. And, for a strange moment there, I realized that I felt rather silly in the situation. And that it wasn't really like the porn videos I'd seen (I totally knew that these guys literally were professionals, but I honestly didn't think it was that hard to not let cum escape  your mouth when you were blowing a guy). He pulled my face up to his and just started kissing me, smearing his cum all over my face, my chin, his face, his chin... and lots of moaning. Which I'm not gonna lie, was pretty hot.

But the act of snowballing itself was just... strange. I mean, I've eaten my own cum before, but for some reason seeing someone else do it was... bizarre. Hot, but bizarre. I couldn't tell what was cum and what was saliva. It was strange, but I'm definitely doing it again. 

He had a great satisfied look on his face afterwards. I love that look. The grin that they can't really get off their face, but they're not really trying to hide it. He kissed me before I left, and asked me to come back tomorrow before he leaves for the weekend. Of course I said yes.

I'm off to meet up with Jacques. Of course I will update as soon as he's gone. I always feel the need to share these stories, just because sometimes I gave to step back and think "What the fuck am I doing?!" and then realize the answer is "having a fucking blast!"